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Fine FT Co., Ltd. manufactures hundreds of powder food is made from concentrates and extracts by spray-dry. We have an industry-leading yield by minimizing the loss during processing and a unique technology to maintain the original flavor.

Based on this technology, we do making our product development and operating the OEM, ODM and meet the need of most food processing companies. Main products of LIDAM as own brand are garlic salt, onion salt, Chokeberry con, granules, honey citron tea powder.


• Premium deer antlers and an agarwood
• Fine real Red ginseng
• Oligosaccharide Banana/ Strawberry latte Powder
• Sweet sluggard with red ginseng tea powder
• Aronia concentrate granule powder
• Herb salt
• Berry Red ginseng plus
• Original Kudzu extract pouch
• Honey Citron tea powder
• Pomegranate Collagen with Red ginseng ( liquid )
• Pomegranate Collagen with Red ginseng ( Jelly )


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