Founded since 1999 by Uzinmedicare serving under the brand SPECTRA & CIMILRE, until January 2016 Cimilre took a spin-off to establish as an independent company and brand for the
further development of innovative baby care products

July, 1999

Min Byung Ok & Kim Sang Ha starts joint enterprise as Uzin Medicare to introduce
Spectra & Cimilre

January, 2016

Spectra & Cimilre conclude spin-off Cimilre as individual brand established.


Advance in R&D to enhance in quality and expand product ipeline for innovative baby care products


Development of S1, S2, 9Plus electric breast pumps lead by Kim Sang Ha as Director of Research.

April, 2016

S3, F1 electric breast Pumps and T300 UV Sterilizer series launched.

June, 2016

Established regional distributors in diverse global markets


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