Korea’s leading manufacturer of Dental Zirconia

DENTALMAX engages in the dental business with the belief that “we will create tomorrow's new value”.

Since launching the Zirconia CAD / CAM brand, LUXEN in 2013, we have been recognized as one of Korea's leading zirconia manufacturing company.

Powered by our experience and expertise accumulated in the Korean and international markets, we are continually gaining wider recognition and

reinforcing our presence overseas.

  • LUXEN Zirconia 
    High strength Super translucency
  • ⓐ 1200+600 Multi
  • ⓑ 1100 Multi  
  • ⓒ 1100 Enamel
  • ⓓ 600/800 Smile
  • ⓔ 1200 Zr
    coloring liquid for easy and fast work
  • LUXEN Furnace
    zirconia contamination prevention sintering machine


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