The company operates a power electronic control protection device such as industrial transformers, high- and low-voltage reactors, noise cut transformers (NCT) and non-contact electronic relays (SSRs), power control units (TPRs), noise filters, and switching devices in the field of automation solution control devices. power supply (SMPS) is, and power quality improvement device, the field of, an active filter (AHF), and the passive filter (PHF), micro-surge filter (MSF), sine-wave filters (SWF), video harmonic filter (ZHF), can As a company that specializes in manufacturing and developing various control devices such as high and low voltage CT, VT, MOF, power protection relay, earth leakage alarm (ELD), ground fault detection relay (GFR), image current transformer (ZCT), etc. It is playing a pivotal role in the business field.

Transformer / Reactor-WOONYOUNG


  1. Transformer / Reactor
  2. Noise Cut Transformer (NCT)
  3. Solid State Relay (SSR)
  4. Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  5. Noise Filter
  6. Surge Protective Device (SPD)
  7. Zero Harmonic Filter (ZHF)
  8. Thyristor Unit (TPR)
  9. Earth Leakage Detector & Alarm(ELD)
  10. Digital Ground Fault Relay (GFR)
  11. Current/Voltage Transformer (CT, VT)
  12. Zero Current Transformer (ZCT)
  13. Panel Board Meter


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    Reactor- WOONYOUNG
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