Manufacturing of Materials for Electricity , Electron, Electrode

KBI ALLOY is a leading company in the spot resistance welding materials field for automobile. It was incoporated into KBI Group in 2008 and has ranked first with the largest market share in Korean market and captured about 5~10% of market share in the world market in 2019. In recent years, for the first time in Korea, we have been developing and exporting wire materials for aircraft.

KBI ALLOY recognized for quality in the world market, and 85% of total sales is exported to more than 20 countries including USA, Germany, Japan and France as the forefront country in this field and we received a $20 million dollar export award in 2014.

Copper alloys
• Materials for electricity
(Spot Resistance, Welding and Electrode)
• Aircraft wire materials
• Electric railway materials
• End-Ring & Rotor Bar
• Disk & Plate
• Materials for Cap-Tip, seam wheel
• Materials for CO2-Tip


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