ALUS is creating values to Aluminum extruders and profile customers with its abundant experience in billet casting and creative know-how in extrusion.
To become a world-class company, we are working to expand our overseas markets, invest boldly in R&D, and establish an advanced production system.
Please witness our endeavors to make changes in Aluminum industry and our efforts to become the best Aluminum producer in the world.

ALUS’s state-of-the-art aluminum foundry has refined and redefined casting of aluminum billet for the extrusion industry. Our two melting furnaces, and two casting pits enable us to produce up to 36,000 MT annually. ALUS produces a wide range of 6000 Series aluminum casting alloys for use in extrusion presses. “Special” alloyed billets can also be produced to meet specific customer equipment. Typically, material chemistry is controlled to improve characteristics such as bending, machineability or finish, based upon the end use of the product. Minimum quantities are required for these customer specific alloys.


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