Continuous research for Robot Technology HY Robotics realizes customers' needs

As one of the most innovative robotics automation market leaders today, HYRobotics offers unique solutions with a full line of robotics systems. Our broad robotics line enables us to provide the precise solution for your needs, even for highly specialized tasks. HYRobotics has developed and manufactured robots for plastics injection molding machines since 1988. We offer a diverse line of products, ranging from 30 tons to 4,000 tons, providing automation from simple to complex for customer's need in mind. Our products line includes a diverse series of robots designed for sprue and parts removal, fully integrated factory automation for insert molding, de-gating and in mold labeling, and parts stacking. We offer custom designed machines to supplement any of your automation needs. The HYRobotics staff is fully trained and knowledgeable about plant automation, and we value the prominence of productivity. HYRobotics is a dedicated robotics manufacturing company with an ISO 9001 certified environment for high quality control systems and an enterprise Resource Planning System has been implemented to maximize customer satisfaction with incredible technical support Our technical innovation and dependability will strengthen the manufacturing productivity in your business and throughout the world

• 2020 06 Selected as IBK Bank best partner

• 2020. 01 Enrolled SK Chemical’s partner company

• 2019. 11 Selected as a Inno-Biz enterprise by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business

• 2019. 10 Enrolled as partnership company of Samsung Electronics VD department

• 2019. 05 moved company location (Chungcheongnam-do)

• 2018. 11 developed Multi-axis robot for Injection site

• 2018. 02 Selected as Hyundai Mobis Partner company 2013~2017

• 2014. 07 Selected by SMBA as a company for fusion technology development

• 2013. 09 ISO9001:14001 Certification 2000~2005

• 2004. 04 developed 2 color IMM’s takeout robot

• 2003. 09 ERP Success story presentation for Incheon Chamber of commerce and industry1997~1998

• 1997. 04 Awarded 21th “Productivity Grandpre” by president of South Korea


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