Young Shin-Food co, founded in 1996, is a food processing company that specializes in providing a high quality of agricultural & seafood products through simply beneficial for our customers.

With our 30 years of experience and expertise, we have launched the brand of “Sea Friend", producing seasoned seaweed and roasted seaweed (Laver) for Korean and international markets. Our company has won the prestigious Presidential Award from the President of Korea as well as Award from the Ministry of Agricultural & Fisheries Foods.

We have received a patent for our method of producing seaweed containing Chitosan, and numerous international quality certifications including BRC, USDA organic, HALAL, HACCP, ISO Organic as well as domestic quality certification of Korean Traditional Seafood Industry.

We are committed to making our every effort to continue our development of healthy food products and enhancement of food quality to build a trustful relationship with our valued customers.

  • Roasted Sushi Seaweed(Laver) & Dried Sushi Laver
  • Seasoned Seaweed(Laver)
  • Seasoned Wild Seaweed(Laver)
  • Roasted and Seasoned Seaweed Dried Seaweed(Mustard) (ITO Wakame , Cut Wakame)
  • Dried Kelp (Kombu)
  • Dried Anchovy
  • Anchovy for Dashi
  • Medium size anchovy
  • Stewed anchovies
  • Stir-fried anchovies
  • Silchi


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