Soo Kyung Chemical have been supplying applied chemical materials, which are the basis of the industry, by manufacturing and/or importing them to domestic and overseas markets. Since the establishment in 2007, we have been focusing on the development of polyurethane, refrigerant gas, and renewable energy (rechargeable batteries, solar wafers, hydrogen gas). In particular, the development of renewable energy is a new demand in the field of eco-friendly chemical materials and it is the foundation for growth with customers in order to create a stable and long-term supply chain.

Sandwich panel, freezer & cold panel, and polyurethane board
Home Appliances
Household refrigerators, Showcase
LNG Block, LPG Cargo, Pipe support Capalnp Series polyol system is the main raw materials for LNG & LPG providing insulation and support for the tank/pipe (for very low temperature).
Seat/cushion, luggage board, batter cover, etc.
Furniture, Medical
Sofa, mattress, medical cushion, etc.


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