Korea Bio-Gen is a fine chemical company specializing in synthesis of various industrial chemical materials and functional inorganic materials, especially functional silicon materials.

The company has focused on functional organosilane and expanded its business into functional silicone polymer and functional silicone resin area building a future-oriented business portfolio. In the long-term, the company will build the foundation for sustainable growth by selecting and concentrating on the ‘silicone materials for electronic vehicles’ business as the new growth engines.

Korea Bio-Gen have made a great effort for customer satisfaction by providing creative solutions to our business partners. As a result, we have been writing success stories together with our customers.

Korea Bio-Gen’s Silane coupling agents are organosilicon compounds that are widely used to bond organic materials to inorganic materials. In many cases, these are materials that might otherwise be considered too dissimilar to form strong interactions. As a result, silane coupling agents are extensively used to greatly improve the interfacial adhesion in composites and other materials systems, significantly improving desirable qualities such as mechanical strength, moisture or chemical resistance, electrical properties, etc.


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