We have a special bond with agricultural machines started from making vehicles for farming. Since then, we have taken the lead for a long time in making agricultural machines that are essential in farm villages.

In particular, the company is developing sorters and peeling machines (peeling and washing) necessary for the production of chestnut, ginkgo, walnut and jujube which are the special regional products of the Gongju area as well as chestnut collectors and chestnut bur peeling machines. Preparing all processing facilities for direct production, all of our employees are united and making their utmost efforts for the purpose of developing agricultural machines helpful for farming.

In addition,

the company strives to make good-quality and strong agricultural machines for which no after services are required. We will make our utmost efforts to make agricultural machines with features such as lighting devices (warning lights) that can protect the properties and lives of farmers and improve user convenience and health, which are is essential for Eco-friendly agriculture and can reduce manpower and production costs.

Address: [32607] 232, Geumgwang-ro, Iin-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Tel: 82-41-856-9924

Email: kp9627@naver.com


  • Lighting Device
  • Peeling Machine
  • Seeding Box Loader
  • Sorter
  • Seedling Box Supplier
  • AWN Remover
  • Seeding Machine
  • Non-powered Conveyor
  • Agitator
  • Seeding Box Carrier
  • Trencher
  • Collection Box for Used Pesticide Container
  • Deep Plowing Rotary
  • Wild Animal Repellent Lamp
  • Chestnut Bur Peeling Machine
  • Turn Signal
  • Fruit Collector
  • Seedling Box Washer


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