CERACOMB has been producing and supplying ceramic honeycomb using ceramic extrusion molding technology, and is also developing and supplying catalyst products for industrial harmful gas removal, catalyst products for automobile exhaust gas purification, and filters to reduce smoke. In addition, the automobile smoke reduction device developed based on CERACOMB’s honeycomb and catalyst technology is contributing greatly to improving fine dust and air environment problems, which are major environmental issues as of the 21st century.

Environmental devices

We are leading the improvement of air quality in Korea by eliminating harmful gases and fine dust generated in industrial sites.

Emission reduction device

We supply devices to remove fine dust from diesel engines and gases harmful to the human body.


Based on the Cordierite extrusion facilities and accumulated know-how, we are focusing on developing various materials.


We have a variety of catalyst lineups, including various deodorization catalyst filters, catalysts for removing VOCs, catalysts for automobiles, and room temperature catalysts.

Construction machinery, engine replacement

It is a project to reduce the emission level of construction machinery by replacing the old engine of construction machinery with a new engine.


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