Fever monitoring system-UISYS

Introducing to the Fever monitoring system

1. Functions that can be set

The temperature detection range can be set Language can be set

2. Information displayed on the screen

Date (year-month-day), time, and measured temperature

3. How to check the data

After Wi-Fi is connected, close the settings window and open it again, and the IP address will appear at the bottom left of the screen. If you enter the address into your computer, you can view the saved video and excel file.

Fever monitoring system-UISYS


  1. UI-301A6
  2. Flexible Wave Checker
  3. Selective Wave Checker
  4. [In-Line O2 Analyzer
  5. In-Line O2 + Temp.+ Vibration Analyzer
  6. Stationary mounted type o2 Analyzer
  7. RPPM – Real-Time O2 Profile System
  8. Reglow Inline Camera System


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