1. CHEFLINE Maker a firm promise to customers to provide high-quality value and trust as the best leading kitchenware company in Korea.
  2. CHEFLINE offers the best products and services that fit the best kitchenware company in Korea.
  3. Pursuing to be the best brand in the world. CHEFLINE leads the kitchenware industry with its superiority in quality.
  4. It makes greater efforts to offer the best customer service that can touch their hearts.
  5. CHEFLINE makers clean and eco-friendly products for the future generations in mind.

kitchenware-CHEFLINE CORP.


  1. Aluminum Die-Casting Cookware
  2. Aluminum Panel Cookware
  3. Stainless Steel Cookware
  4. Electronics and ETC.
  5. Air Purifier
  6. Compact Oven
  7. Electric Pan


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