HANIL COMPANY began as a joint venture with a Japanese corporation, Eidaikagaku Co., Ltd in 1982. For ceramic pigments, Korea depended entirely on imports in the early 80s. We signed a Technology Transfer Agreement and started manufacturing ceramic pigments locally.

CERARIN® General Pigments
CERARIN® pigments have strong heat resistance, chemical resistance and unbeatable weatherability.
CERARIN® pigments offer exceptional durability with bright colors and high hiding power for external coating, plastics and construction applications.

CERARIN® IR Pigments

CERARIN® IR(Infrared Reflective) pigments are Complex Inorganic Color Pigments with high TSR(Total Solar Reflectance).
IR Pigments reflect more solar energy and allow the color to stay longer and help save energy.

CERACLE® Pigments (Glaze Stain)
Ceracle® – pigments have a wide range of colors for Ceramic tiles, Porcelain and Ceramic body.
The colors appear at high temperatures and are commonly used for Glaze stains (1,030℃ ~ 1,050℃) and Body stains (1,150℃ ~ 1,200℃).

CERACLE® Pigments (Body Stain)

CERACLE® Pigments (Inclusion Stain)

CERACLE® Inks (Coloured Inks)
Ceracle®- Inks represent various colors and effects on the ceramic tiles with enhanced shades and high definition(dpi400).
Ceracle®-inks provide a wide range of colors as well as high durability, improved stability and easy-to-use digital printing solutions.

CERACLE® Inks (Effect Inks)

Ceracle®- Effect Inks create unique value and different textures on ceramic tiles.

CERAWON® Printing Powder

CERAWON® Metalic Glaze

CERAWON® Yaobian

CERAWON® Metalic Printing Powder

CERAWON® Pearl Luster

CERAWON® Engobe Glaze

Over a series of years, HANIL has been a leading force in the color industry with highly specialized ceramic pigments. Our products have expanded to frits, glazes, inks and ceramic pigments with more than 60% of domestic market share.

Today we are on the verge of a new leap for a global leader in the premium coating industry. We're supplying high performance pigments for Exterior Coatings, Plastics, Construction, Automotive and Glass enamel applications. Our priority is to offer the best quality together with the technical assistance and innovation. We're now making our utmost effort to provide environment-friendly products and under international standards, ISO 9001:14001 & REACH regulation. Discover trends and customized products in HANIL's color ranges.


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