Vitzrocell (Tekcell Brand, a Korean Manufacturer) has been recognized as one of the best power solution providers of Lithium Primary Batteries in the world.

Based on more than 20 years of accumulated expertise equipped with ISO9001, ISO14001, UL and others, Vitzrocell has very close relationship with lots of valuable partners and customers in more than 50 countries


  1. Li/SOCl2 Battery – Bobbin Type
  2. Li/SOCl2 Battery – Spiral Type
  3. Military Packs
  4. High Temperature Battery for MWD/LWD SOCL2
  5. High Temperature Battery for PIG SO2Cl2
  6. EDLC (Super Capacitor)
  7. Special Battery -Ampoule Battery
  8. Special Battery -Thermal Battery
  9. Li/MnO2


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