KOREA BIO-GEN Co. Ltd, is the fine chemical company specialized in silanes, coupling agents, cross-linking agents, functional silicone polymers, oils, resins, catalysts.

The goal of our research and production facilities is to devebp and make highest quality products of chemical synthesis through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) & ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing) system.

Polyethylene (PE), Polyethylene (PE) which includes HDPE, LLDPE and LDPE (High Density PE, Low Density PE and Linear Low density PE), accounts for the largest share i.e., 43% of total consumption, while PP accounts for 24% of total consumption Polypropylene (PP) Others include PS/EPS, ABS and engineering plastics.

By recycling waste, PP, PE, PVC and other materials, Greenpol Co. Ltd., a functional plastic material development company, develops a compound suitable for a product's property and many manufacturing engineering processes. Our products have been applied to various industry-wise materials, such as automotive interior and exterior material, electrical and electronic products, lightweight construction materials, and containers for general life purposes. As a domestic leading technology company in the field of plastic recycling our company through the development of academic-industrial co-op projects and patenting, Greenpol will promise to be committed to pursuing continuous technology development and excellent quality control and to improving the product quality.


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